crossing the donut plains

The remake is here.

Have you ever wondered what FFVII might look like as a sidescroller? Well youtube user TheJamster1992 recreated most of the first disk in Little Big Planet 2 and it's impressive stuff, including characters, cutscenes, the battle system and enemy/boss encounters.

Sector 5 - Aeris's church
Wall Market - Sector 7 pillar
Shinra HQ and motorcycle chase
Nibelheim and Mt. Nibel
Temple of the Ancients

My favourite part is the motorcycle chase because it looks so wacky.

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Just had a little question.

Where did everyone get the idea that OGC!Zack has purple eyes? I keep seeing this popping up a lot but it seems to be a fan-creation based on the popularity of the Last Order OVA. <— This is a picture of Zack's field model from FFVII and those eyes are clearly quite blue, with purple undershine reflected from his uniform. <— And this is the first full-color art of Zack, from Ehrgeiz, ever produced. Eyes are definitely blue here.

The only installment I can name where he has distinctly purple eyes is Last Order, and that's not even really considered canon, let alone OGC.

FF7 coming to PC again with achievements?

copy paste from GOG:

Haven't seen any thread about it, so I'm starting one myself, to share the good news.

Square Enix registred the domain 4 days ago. For a short ammount of time you could enter the page and see this -> Google cache or screenshot.

What do you think? Did Square finally woke up? Are they really going to re-release Final Fantasy VII for PC? I think it sounds quite realistic, looking at points like cloud saves (now, THAT'S a joke), achievements and (prepare for casual gamers demands) "character boosters", to increase HP, MP or Gil.

At the bottom of the page it says "BUY NOW PC Digital Download £7.99 / €9.99". Sounds pretty reasonable and like a perfect game for gog's catalouge (hint, hint).

credit to real.geizterfahr at

FF7 fanfic discussion at Dreamwidth

In the DW community ff7_fanfiction, laceblade started a post about major works in FF7 fandom, for which suggestions are very welcome. Frank Verderosa, GlassShard and I Know What Lies Beneath The Snow Fields have been mentioned.

The current emphasis is on the old-school fic (hence why I'm plugging this here), but recs for other stuff are welcome too, as is general discussion.

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I can see that discussion is sort of slowing down - only 35 comments on the last post and it's still a pivotal part of the game. Would anyone object to moving the posts to being biweekly?