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Fanfic: Stripes

I'm not sure if I posted this link up here myself when I joined, but I figure it's the most old schoolest old school thing ever by now, I'd put it up. Most of you I'm imagining have at least heard of Stripes. If not, you have now. XD

Title: Stripes
Characters: I tried to include everybody
Pairing: The pairings are not the point, but everything is generally Hojo-centric.
Warnings: Adult themes and language, but no graphic anythings still make it an R.
Word Count:72742 (in the most recent adaptation of the fic, including "next" and "back" text links, not including the newer or older versions.)
Summary: Five years after the events of FF7, Advent Children not happening, Hojo comes back to life in a younger body. He emerges from the Lifestream near Junon Harbor and becomes sentimentally attached to the city. He still bears the markings given to him by Jenova from when he turned into the floating monster on the Sister Ray and passes them off as tattoos. As he starts to get settled in the underbelly of Junon, trying to be inconspicuous, he runs into an unexpected guest who he'd seen before, but didn't realize he'd affected so profoundly.

Here is the link again because it has its own website and all.

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