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Group FFVII Playthrough - Week One

There’s been a few changes to the timeline, just FYI. First of all, I’m posting this earlier than anticipated due to unexpected scheduling conflicts. Secondly, I’m giving us an extra week to finish everything due to February being a short week! The full schedule will be at the bottom.

Discussion Post 1

Jan 2nd: Opening – Tifa’s Bar

This post is considered live until the next post goes up on January 9th. Feel free to make new posts for specific discussion!

Discussion Ideas
  1. How does booting up the game again – or for the first time – make you feel?
  2. What did you name Cloud, Barret and Tifa? Do you have naming plans for the rest of the cast?
  3. What party do you plan to use?
  4. Who do you plan to date?
  5. Do you have any special goals for this playthrough?
  6. Did you notice anything interesting that you had since forgotten?
  7. Did you see any differences from the game to the compilation?
  8. What is your favourite part of this installment?

Jan 2nd: Opening – Tifa’s Bar
Jan 9th: Tifa’s Bar – Shinra Headquarters
Jan 16th: Shinra Headquarters – Junon
Jan 23rd: Junon - Cosmo Canyon
Jan 30th: Cosmo Canyon - Rocket Town
Feb 6th: Temple of the Ancients - End of Disc 1
Feb 13th: Icicle Inn - Highwind
Feb 20th:Mideel - Inside the Lifestream
Feb 27th: Junon - City of the Ancients
March 3rd: Return to Midgar - End of Disc 2
March 10th: End of Disc 2 – Game Complete!
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